Sun, Vistas & Wine at Iron Hub

With the warm weather it’s time to get out and enjoy some wine. Amador County has many wineries to visit. It’s a lot like the early days of Napa and Sonoma with the owner pouring in the tasting room. A few weekends ago my husband and I drove out to Iron Hub Wines. Their new tasting room just opened several … Read More

Honey & Goat Cheese Endive Bites

With the holidays fast approching, and party invites will soon be arriving. As the years have gone by, I have gotten better at getting prepaired for the season. Christmas shopping starts in September for me. I look for that special unique item or fun adventure for as gifts for the close friends and family.  Wine is bought and delivered, cards … Read More

Selecting Wine for Your Special Day

Turn the task of choosing wine for your big day into a moment of sharing time with close friends before the festivities even start. From save the dates to wedding colors to the guest list, wedding planning is a continuous stream of to do lists and tasks to be completed. Essentially it is a marathon of event planning and often … Read More

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Wine Palate

When out to dinner and having a glass of wine, have you noticed people holding the glass up and looking at it or swirling it around.  Do you wonder: “What are they doing?” Learning to appreciate the wine you are drinking is quite simple. Here are 5 steps to improve your wine palate. To start all you need is a … Read More

Host A Wine Tasting Party

Bringing friends together to enjoy some new and interesting wines seems simple enough at first. After all, wine is fun. But, planning the perfect wine tasting party takes much more thought than first appears needed. In fact, many hosts can get overwhelmed once they realize how many decisions must be made. The key to planning a great wine tasting party … Read More

Improving Your Wine Senses

Have you been out with friends and someone just seems to have the natural ability to name different aromas from a glass of wine? I’m not one of those fortunate people, and to be totally honest, I found myself envious of their abilities. If you struggle with picking out the aromas in wine, then you might find the Davis Wine … Read More

Are You In A Rut?

Do you find yourself always ordering the same bottle of wine when you’re out to dinner? Or when you go to buy a bottle of wine do you tend to grab that reliable “go to” bottle each time? For most of us, when you finally take time to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine, you want to know … Read More