What was the name of the great wine…?

Has it ever happened to you — you’re out with friends and discovered a terrific new wine only to find that a few days later you can’t remember it? This is what happened while traveling with friends to New York City. We were in Manhattan for the weekend, at a wonderful restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The waiter handed out the wine list. I observed each couple turning to their spouse and asking about a past wine they just enjoyed and couldn’t remember the name. This same scene repeated throughout the weekend.

The scenario of remembering wines I enjoyed in the past kept playing out over several years. Being a novice wine drinker, I wanted a way to remember wines I enjoyed and found many others in the same situation. That started the process of looking for an easy way to keep track of wines enjoyed and memories of when and who I was with. Traditional journals wouldn’t work, because I would end up leaving this information at home or it looked like I was going to school and not a night out with friends or a business dinner.

In 2008, smart phones hit the market and there it was, the perfect medium to create an easily portable, personal journal of wines. This is how the Pocket Wine Journal app was born.

Now, you never have to be without your journal of past wines you’ve enjoyed or the favorite wines of your friends!