Honey & Goat Cheese Endive Bites

With the holidays fast approching, and party invites will soon be arriving. As the years have gone by, I have gotten better at getting prepaired for the season. Christmas shopping starts in September for me. I look for that special unique item or fun adventure for as gifts for the close friends and family.  Wine is bought and delivered, cards are chosen, and menus are planned. The one area that I’m usually not prepaired for is if someone asks me to bring an appitizer to a holiday gathering. I usually go to the easy standby – antipasto or cheese platter.  Those feel a bit unworthy for the celebration of the season. So this year I have decided to test out a few I’ve been wanting to try before the holiday season.  Here is one that is easy and low carb to boot.

*     12 Endive Leaves
*     goat cheese at room temperature
*     1/4 c peacan  pieces
*     1/4 c honey
*     12 small sage leaves

Fill each endive leaf with about a 1/2 oz goat cheese and top with 1 tsp pecans, 1 tsp honey and a leaf of sage. serve immediately.

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