Selecting Wine for Your Special Day

Turn the task of choosing wine for your big day into a moment of sharing time with close friends before the festivities even start.

From save the dates to wedding colors to the guest list, wedding planning is a continuous stream of to do lists and tasks to be completed. Essentially it is a marathon of event planning and often times the process becomes more stressful as the days tick down to the big day. Fortunately, choosing the perfect wine for your wedding day doesn’t have to be as stressful. In fact, this is one part of the process, if done right, will have you saying, “sip, sip, hooray!”

All of the decisions that need to be made for a wedding can take a toll on the bride and groom. When it comes to selecting wine for your wedding, we suggest using this moment as a chance to relax, wind down, and enjoy the process.

A few months ago a friend approached me and asked if I could help her friend who was having a tough time selecting wines for her wedding that her guests would not only enjoy but were also budget friendly. Since the wedding was three months away we had plenty of time to get creative. In an effort to help create a pre-wedding memory, the bride to be and I put together a Pre-Wedding Wine Tasting Party. The Pre-Wedding Wine Tasting Party gave the bride and groom a chance to select wines for their wedding reception while spending time close friends in a fun relaxing atmosphere. The Pre-Wedding Wine Tasting Party not only became a special pre-wedding memory, but it gave the bride and groom a chance to receive feedback on various wines in advance of the big day.

The Tasting Party took place in the bride’s backyard and was the perfect setting for close friends to taste several options. It is no surprise; everyone had a great time tasting wine, visiting, and enjoying light appetizers. At the end of the event, the bride and groom commented on how relaxing and fun the evening was, and that it was a welcomed change of pace in the mist of all of the hectic wedding planning.

Below is a list of some simple items for hosting a Pre-Wedding Wine Taste Party:

• Be sure to have someone who knows wines help select several wines (3-4 Whites and 3-4 Reds). Choose wines that are hidden gems and are within your budget. Hidden gems are unknown wines that many haven’t been discovered and usually are smaller production.
• One place to start is to check out the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list. There are a lot of unknown wines at great prices.
• Finding wines that most guests may not know will allow them to enjoy without an opinion based on price, vintage, region, or even reputation.
Research has shown price does influence a percentage of people. Removing this from the onset will allow guests to enjoy the wine without bias.
• The evening of the tasting, the person who selected the wines, should keep prices unknown to all – including the bride and groom. Your friends will share their true opinions the less they know about the price, which is helpful with the selection process. It’s also fun to observe what people enjoy when they don’t know the price.
• After the tasting share the prices with the bride and groom only.
• The tasting should take place in a casual relaxed environment.
• There should be plenty of glassware, cork screws, dump buckets, water and ice to keep white wines well chilled.
• A simple appetizer is nice to have while tasting. This is helpful knowing the wine will be enjoyed by guests before and during, the meal.
• Food can enhance the flavor of wine and you want food to be a factor in the tasting process.
• This get-together should be simple and kept small. Pick friends that enjoy wine and are willing to be open with what they enjoyed and what they didn’t. The goal is to get people to share so you can make a good selection for your guests.
• Last, but not least ENJOY!
• Remember – Wine is Fun.


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